So much JOY in one little boy.

We’re about to start the last full week before Gabriel is FINALLY a Moore. March 27th is the official court date to consummate the adoption!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO! I never thought the day would come! I seriously can’t believe this part of the story is coming to an end! 2 years y’all. 2 years and 27 days (by the time its official) since the day we brought Gabe home. Lots of meetings, lots of caseworkers (4 to be exact that we cycled through with CPS), lots of uncertainty, lots of prayer, lots of therapists and doctors, lots and lots and LOTS of joy.

We met Gabe 2 weeks after we said goodbye to our precious Mikey. My heart was broken into a million pieces and I wasn’t sure how it would be possible to love another baby as much as I loved that chubby brown eyed baby boy. Then, we got the phone call about Gabriel. “He’s a 24 week preemie who is still in the NICU. He may come home with oxygen and a heart monitor- would you take him?” And standing in the Gap store at the outlet mall, we made a choice that would forever change our family. The next day we were able to go to the hospital to meet him. Our hearts will still healing from losing our first child and I was terrified to open my heart for another baby, with the possibility of losing him too. But then I held that tiny little 5 pound baby boy who had been fighting hard for his life over the past 4 months and I started to forget about my fears. It wasn’t instant and my love for him had to grow, but right then I knew in my heart that he was supposed to be with us, even if it was only for a while.

As the months went on and we learned more and more about his story, we prayed always for God’s will for His life and for our family. I still pray every night with Gabe for his Mom B – that she would have somewhere to sleep, food to eat, people who love her and someone who will show her Jesus’ love. I still hope one day we can connect with her so she can know that he is ok, that we love her son endlessly and that we will one day tell him that she loves him too. We will see what God has in store for that.

This sweet boy, this fighter, who is named Gabriel meaning “strong man of God”, brought so much joy into our family when we needed it. He’s overcome so much in his short 2 years of life and I know he’ll continue to surprise us as we watch him grow and learn in the coming years. Some days I still look at him and wonder how in the world Daniel and I get to be Daddy and Mommy to this precious bundle of energy and spunk. Who knew we’d have an adorable little Mexican for a son? God is so good to us. We are so thankful and incredibly excited! Can’t wait to update y’all with photos from Adoption Day.

People have been wondering if we will continue to foster. YES! Our hearts have been forever changed and burdened for these kids- especially children in the foster system. We will always continue to care for the orphan in some way, shape or form although we’re not totally sure what our next step will be. Daniel and I both agree we would like to foster again at some point. We’ve also considered international adoption although we don’t specifically feel called to that as of right now. For the time being, we’re going to enjoy being a family of four and we will reevaluate when Sullivan gets a little bit older. I totally intend to keep the blog up, even though i’ve been horrible at keeping it up to date since Sullie arrived!

For now, here’s some recent-ish photos of our sweet boy during one of our favorite daily routines – Bed time! :) He LOVESSSSS his bed and never protests when its time to go Night Night. He cracks us up when he burrows under the blanket each night. He also loves when his Daddy reads him a story and says his prayers with him. As you can tell from the pics, he’s also thinks he’s pretty cute :)

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Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago, Daniel, Gabe and I went to my favorite little pumpkin patch at Cypress United Methodist Church. It took us a while to get there but I loved that it wasn’t crowded at ALL and they have the cutest little photo spots set up through out the area. Not to mention the BILLIONS of pumpkins that are all over the place. They do a great job with it and we will def be back next year!

I’m feeling HUGE pregnant, but I told Daniel I HAVE to take some photos of Gabe in the pumpkins! So I brought my camera and hobbled around attempting to get some cute shots of our busy busy almost 2 year old. He had fun walking, walking, walking and stopped to pick up a few baby pumpkins which he carried for most of the morning :) We managed to get him to sit still for a few minutes too which was a miracle! And i’m glad no one was video taping us while we were acting like CRAZY people trying to get him to smile! That little stinker always stares at me with a blank look on his face when I get out my big camera. If I have the iPhone out, he’s grinning from ear to ear. Figures, right? Anyway, we were jumping around and singing and making funny noises and faces. It worked a few times :) I was also sore the rest of the day and had to lay on a heating pad for a while when we got home- ridiculous!

Here’s a few of my favorite pics from the day- for some reason I never took a photo of Daniel and Gabe together with their cute smiling faces and we didn’t get a family one of all of us with. Oh well. :(



Happy Fall Y’all!

It’s so crazy that tomorrow is October 1st. SULLIVAN’S BIRTHDAY MONTH?! Unless of course she comes late, which I guess is probably expected for a first pregnancy :) I know everyone says this but the past 9 months have FLOWN by. I can hardly believe we are almost at 36 weeks and that she will be here in our arms soon! It’s totally surreal.

This pregnancy has been great and besides the normal problems that most people have when pregnant, I really haven’t had much to complain about at all! It is kinda weird to have your whole body taken over by this tiny human who sometimes makes you feel like they’re sucking the life out of you. I saw this on Pinterest and it’s totally true:



And now that we’re in the final stretch, we’re kind of scrambling to get stuff done around the house! Her nursery is FAR from being finished. This week Daniel hopes to knock out painting the walls, and this weekend we’re going to paint the changing table a really awesome color of turquoise :) I can’t wait to have it all finished and organized! My mom is making the bedding and Joe and Wanda bought us her crib which is currently the ONLY thing in the room. But if we’re honest, procrastination is kinda the name of my game… so it’s only appropriate that we wait until the last minute possible to get everything ready, Right?

Daniel and I have felt so blessed and thankful for so many wonderful friends and family who have literally showered us with so much love and many gifts for baby Sullivan. Her closet and room is overflowing and we’re so thankful! I had a few different showers with different groups of friends and family and then Daniel’s coworkers gave us a shower last week at Anadarko! Here’s a few quick iPhone photos :) I don’t have photos now but I may add some in later!


First baby shower – 31 weeks 3 days


Table at the second shower at our parent’s church!


Me and Sullie girl! 32 weeks 3 days


This sweet shower was given by my 2 wonderful roomies for life- Sarah and Amanda, but Amanda couldn’t be there because of a family emergency so we were missing her!

Big brother Gabe is growing and changing every day. I’m seriously amazed by how much he’s changing these days! He’s getting to be so toddler like- and that chubby faced baby i’ve had with me for the past year and 7 months is GONE! We’re working weekly with speech therapy and physical therapy (and should be doing OT although we’ve had some problems with his foster care insurance so we haven’t gotten that figured out yet) so his week is full of lots of appointments and visits. He’s made a lot of progress in both speech and motor areas and we’re really excited about it! I can’t wait to hear his little voice one day- he still doesn’t talk. I’m dying to hear him call me Momma! He’s making new noises and sounds every day and mimicking like crazy so I know it’s getting close! People keep asking me if he’s excited about Sullie. He has NO clue y’all. He’s definitely too young to understand that my growing belly is holding his future play mate. We talk about his sister and now that her room is no longer a disaster area and storage closet, he goes in there and plays with his toys, but I don’t think he will really get it until she’s here and home for a while. Even then, I wonder if he’ll think we’re just borrowing her for a while or something!

No news on the adoption front. For a while we thought that the Jan/Feb timeline for finalizing his adoption might move to December before Christmas, but the last I heard from our caseworker was that January will be the earliest. So, come on January! I’m so excited to just be done with all the waiting and paperwork… the red tape stuff. I’m ready for him to be officially ours! Forever a Moore! Nothing will change in our hearts because he’s been ours for a long time, but there is just something about that judge finally saying that Gabriel is now my SON in their eyes… I’m crying right now typing this! I can’t wait. Of course, we’ll keep you guys updated if anything changes.

This weekend was really fun. It was our 10 year high school reunion!!!! I seriously can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we graduated from good ol’ Oak Ridge High School…. it was so great seeing so many old friends and we had a great time. We even popped in to the Woodlands reunion too after we ate dinner on the waterway and saw some friends we hadn’t seen in FOREVER! Sunday morning I had brunch with some girls from our cheerleading squad which is ALWAYS fun :) Rah Rah Reunion!

Heres a few iphone photos from the weekend :)


Chelsea and sweet baby Truitt! I LOVE his name. Sullie will only be a few weeks older than him! Another boyfriend!


My love and I- not really high school sweethearts, but kind of :)


not sure why Kim missed this pic? And we’re def missing Michael Martin!


Love my Jamie! We’ve been friends since the 4th grade!


At the Woodlands Reunion saying hi to Janice!


Rebekah who is an honorary 2003 ORHS grad :) LOVE YOU!


Love these friends! Wish we had better pics but this prego is done carrying around a heavy camera for a while :)


Gabe and Carter, the first of many kids in our group of friends, i’m sure :)


Rah Rah Reunion :) Missed the rest of the squad!

We will definitely update yall if anything changes with Gabe’s adoption plan or Sullie’s arrival date :) Lots of exciting things happening in the near future. We’re so thankful. God is too good to us.